Never meant to have a mother.

You promised you’d never leave.

Now I’m abandoned again just like in my teens.

This time not just me.

Grandchildren one two three.

Decided you don’t like kids anymore, is what you said to me.

We came out for a visit when you went the Oregon trail.

Even kept you company when your dear sweet husband passed, not that I needed to be asked.

But you didn’t offer any comfort when my eldest son passed.

You have completely cut me off because of some choices in the past, that had nothing to do with you, for you to judgement pass.

No Subsiding No Hiding

Things won’t be the same, I won’t be the same, nobody will ever be the same.

No joy, even when it’s there it’s a blind. Smiling seems like such a crime.

Lost control of my mind, it never stops, play, rewind, jumps in time a million miles an hour day and night.

I hate it all, in a hole I’d love to hide, but I can’t get away from my mind.

On the Elusive Megamouth Shark

Very cool

Shark Devocean

On the morning of the 28th of January in Barangay Marigondon, Philippines, local residents discovered a mysterious shark washed up on their coastline caught in fishing nets. After contacting local authorities, it was confirmed to be the ever elusive megamouth shark, Megachasma pelagios. This is, by my records, only the 60th confirmed documentation of this enigmatic shark. Whilst detailed information on this species is still lacking, some biological information is known about this shark:  check out my 12 brain fondling facts here

But what have we learnt about this shark since its last sighting back in July of 2014.

[EDIT]: The original upload of the photo was by Rosalina Sariola of Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines (as credited under the photo and hyperlinked). Please see their Facebook page for more videos and photos of the event. All other pictures used are credited to the photographer and also hyperlinked to…

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