Yes it was a good day to be out.


Last weekend I took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to have a walk around Como Lake in St. Paul.

One of the ways you can determine the temperature in wintry Minnesota — apart from timing how long it takes your extremities to freeze solid — is to listen to the snow. Really!

When it’s truly frigid (say, 5 degrees Fahrenheit [-17 C] or below) the air can’t hold much moisture, so the snow underfoot becomes brittle and crunchy. But when it’s slightly above the freezing mark, as it was last weekend, the snow sounds pleasantly squishy. Like this:

I usually bring my full photographic regalia on these walks, because Como Lake attracts lots of wildlife. I’ve seen eagles here — and loons, ducks, fox, and even the odd trumpeter swan.

But aside from a solitary crow …

Como crow 1280142 BLOG

… last weekend the landscape felt barren.

Como lake tree 1280218 bLOG

I was a bit…

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